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Mitsubishi frequency inverter FR-D740-160SC-EC


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  • 400 V with display
  • 16,0 A
  • 7,5 kW
  • IP 20

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Three-phase frequency inverter D740-SC


What is the D740-SC series?


– Simple wiring, the integrated spring terminals quickly connect control and mains cables, ensuring easy wiring and reliability.- Simple parameterisation software FR-Configurator, which enables simple functions such as graphical machine analysis to optimise the drive system.- An integrated digital dial gives the user direct access to all important parameters.- The integrated four-digit LED display monitors and displays current operating values as well as alarm messages.- This particular model has a second transistor output, which is a safety input with selectable source logic instead of sink logic. – Direct connection to PLC instead of safety relay.- Features sensorless vector control enabling torque and exceptional speed performance.- Serial interface (RS485) as standard.- Emergency stop input according to EN 61800-5-2, please refer to the documentation on this product page for more information on the conformity of the series.- Maximum short-term overload capacity of 200 % for 0.5 s.- The D740-SC series restarts automatically after power failures.- Improved braking performance through direct connection of an external braking resistor.


Typical applications:


– The FR-D700 frequency inverter drive is typically used in standard applications as it is very user-friendly and suitable for both simple and demanding applications.- Typically, these VDFs are used in machining tools, gates and doors, feeders and conveyor drives.- Three-phase frequency inverters are suitable for a wide range of drive applications, from high-torque machine control applications to simple fan and pump loads.


Can I connect my frequency inverter to a network?


The standard version of the FR-700 has a serial interface (RS485), which means that this VDF enables communication with a PLC and a PC; ModBus RTU is also supported with this range. As this model complies with international standards such as CE, UL, cUL, GOST and RoHS, we can guarantee that it can be used worldwide.


How long is the service life of my frequency inverter?


Your inverter drive is designed for a service life of over ten years. This long service life is made possible by powerful, heat-resistant condensers, cooling fans with sealed bearings and special lubricating grease. Any cooling air flow that occurs in the VFD only has contact accumulations. The circuit boards are protected against aggressive environments with one or two layers of uniform coating, another great feature that can extend the service life of your frequency inverter.




Mitsubishi FR-D740-080SC-EC drive with variable speed


This frequency inverter has a rated power of 3.7 kW and a supply voltage of 400 V ac with an overall length of 128 mm, reflecting its place in the field of microdrive solutions.


Mitsubishi D700 Series

The series replaces the popular S500 and E500 series drives and is fully compatible with other products in Mitsubishi’s “Micro” family, including the FX3U PLC and GT1020 operator interfaces.



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