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Ziehl-Abegg fan »FC045-4ET.4F.A7«


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  • wing diameter approx 45 cm
  • 230 V – 1 phase Luminous flux
  • I-max 2,25 Ampere
  • 0,38 kW
  • 1360 U/min
  • air flow rate 0 PA 6300 m³/h


Axial fans of the FC series with proven die-cast aluminium blades offer high flexibility through 100 % speed controllable air flow. They are recommended for use in aerodynamically well-formed air ducting systems, for example full nozzles or for pipe installation. The axial fan driven by AC technology is available in sizes from 315 mm to 1,250 mm and is suitable for volume flows of up to 62,000 m³/h and static pressure increases of up to 300 Pa. It represents an economically sensible compromise between energy efficiency and investment costs and is suitable for applications in the fields of machine and plant technology as well as vehicle technology.

Properties & special features:

  • High flexibility due to 100 % speed-controllable volume flow rate
  • Trade-off between energy efficiency and investment costs
  • High running smoothness and durability due to dynamic balancing on 2 levels
  • The axial fan complies with the ErP Directive 2015
  • Numerous approvals (e.g. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)

Engine concepts:

External rotor motors

  • AC-Technology

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