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Central computer station-Stienen »KLC-100«


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  • Extremely reliable
  • Designed for 1 – 30 compartments
  • Easy to use
  • Service at the compartment and centrally
  • Central overview
  • Modular design
  • FarmRemote
  • Cost savings

Mitch: reliable and simple

Extremely reliable | Decentralised control. No single point of failure: no failure of the entire system due to a single fault, but any faults remain limited to a single compartment. Overviews and changes are visible on the compartment.

User-friendly | Language-independent system with operating instructions using pictograms.

Cost savings | Significant savings on installation and cabling costs.

Simple commissioning | In less than 5 minutes. Standard configurations available. Automatic assignment of inputs and outputs and graphic colour touchscreen. Graphical display of installation errors.

Simple updating | Centralised distribution of updates and settings. Settings can be copied quickly and easily from one compartment to another.


Convincing trio

KLC-100, KLD-100 and KL-6500 together form the convincing trio of the Mitch air conditioning concept from Stienen.

KL-6500 Management computer

The KL-6500 is located in a central position, for example in your office. With a single press on the screen, you get an overview of the current situation (including growth curves) in the various compartments and can intervene immediately in situations that jeopardise (or could jeopardise) safety.

KLC-100 stable computer

One or two KLC-100 for your pigsty. The KLC-100 measures and controls the central functions in your pig house, such as: central supply air, central exhaust air, central heating and NH3. This device is equipped with two integrated differential pressure sensors for the central duct and for any exhaust air scrubber.

KLD-100 Compartment computer

The KLD-100 measures and regulates the compartment temperature, ventilation, heating and cooling based on the day number, number of animals and status. You can also change these parameters. This intelligent measuring and control device is also available as a stand-alone device.




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